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The horror adventure game!
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The Road.
Somewhere in the world there exists a road that, when traveled alone at night under the right conditions, has the power to resurrect the dead.
This road is hard to find. It keeps itself well-hidden, but it is almost always a backroad that seems to go nowhere important. A road that people who are more perceptive than most might speculate momentarily on the purpose or history of. This road is well-known among the Salejem and the Manni-quek, who attempt to study it's properties and often find themselves going mad for their troubles. It is not a road that was meant to be walked by mortals, yet many brave and curious men have dared to walk down it in an attempt to learn terrible secrets. I would suggest that you not attempt what you are considering, but if you would like to walk down this road and learn the secrets of the dead, then here is what you must do:
First, procure a cadaver. It doesn't necessarily have to be fresh, although the sight of a long-festering corpse suddenly gaining life
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He guessed it was true, don't look forward to the day you stop suffering, because when it comes you'll know you're dead; an old friend of his once said.
A little boy named Lucifer shivered next to him from the freezing cold, Torell gave the smaller boy the rest of the blanket; he didn't need it since he was a vampire. He has been was forced to work in coal mine with thousands of younger and older boys just around his age, he would have broken the chains they used to capture him but he could not afford to divulge his dark secret.
His only friend and traveling campaign, a talking white raven by the name of Dante had flown away in the mist of Torell's capture.
He despised him greatly for this, he felt hurt and betrayed. Now he was being forced to work to 'death' mining coal for a small business called 'Silver Mountains Mining'. There were a large number of muscular men running the operation and 'babysitting' the boys until the mistress called 'Nicolle' got back from scouting the road up a
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this is something that i and more dA members have been producing for quite a long time, but stopped sometime last year and today decided to continue it once again. the team at the moment:

:iconmisterhessu: the Head of the Project, Main Developer, Writer, Artist and Programmer. came up with most of the stuff, major kudos to this guy.

:iconnimibro: Developer, Writer.

:iconskorpiusdeviant: Artist, quite a marvelous photographer.

:iconklywon: a brand new member, in the words of Misterhessu a brilliant composer.

:iconnoticered: (possible member) Artist.

farewells to :iconkiesu:, a former artist on this project who left because of scheduling problems. i wish you the best of luck Kiesu, on each project you work on. it's been a good time ;).

Basic Premise:

Something is wrong in Poeridge, Michigan. Sam, a 20 year old resident studying in college, finds this out when he gets abducted by a serial killer, John, who plays complicated games with his victims, utilizing technology and using an abandoned factory as his playground.

Will Sam escape the factory alive? He is not alone, with weird, visceral beings staring at him from tablet screens and other abductees trying to survive in the factory.

Sam soon finds him becoming John's victim was no coincidence. John has something to point out to Sam, and that means he wants him being alive for the time being. Find and use different objects, communicate with animal-headed avatars through tablet screens and with other abductees, and find a way to escape before the factory becomes your tomb.

Enter the pages of a psychopath's diary and survive the horrors inside it.

if you wanna join the project, be my guest, just ask :iconmisterhessu: about it, show him some of your work, etc.

EDIT: here is the link to the Official DOJ group :icondiaryofjohn:, you can assist the project by becoming part of said group and also give a like to Kristian Sensini, a new composer at our team, who striked a deal with :iconmisterhessu: to make compositions for the project if we can amass 100 likes for him, and promote him in any way we can. any kind of help is blessed.

(Update) Tagged by :iconthewarlord900:.

1. What is your favorite Holliday?  Passover i guess. 3 weeks of freedom are always nice.

2. Your favorite show from the 90's  definitely Spiderman the Animated Series. nowadays it looks less on-par but back then, for me it was the shit.

3. Your favorite Sci Fi Movie?  Blade Runner. just for the imagery, the design of everything, and the philosophy of it (we actually saw it in a philosophy through science fiction course in class)

4. Your favorite current show?  Weeds. if you wouldv'e asked me a few months ago i wouldv'e said Lost and Flashforward.

5. Your Favorite Director?  David Fincher. his technique, visual style and grit put him at the top of my list. can't wait for his adaptation of Stieg Larson's TGWTDT.

6. What is your most memorable experience?   Transformers III. you haven't said good, only memorable xD.

7. What is your favorite War Movie?  i don't really have one, if you ask i gotta say Black Hawk Dawn.

8. Who is your favorite director?  ok, you got me, Paul WS Anderson xD. such masterpieces as the Resident Evil films, AvP and Death Race. genius i tellz ya, genius :lol:

9. Who are your Top 10 Favorite actors? Steve Buscemi (too much to count), Hugh Laurie (House MD), William Fitchner (Prison Break), Michael Emerson (Saw 1, Lost), Woody Harrelson (Natural Born Killers) , Marion Cotillard (Inception, Midnight in Paris, La Vie En Rose), Cillian Murphy (Inception, Red Eye, 28 Days Later, Breakfast on Pluto), Olivia Wilde (House MD yet again, Tron Legacy), Tom Hardy (Bronson), and Michael Massee (Flashforward, The Crow)

10. What is your favorite animated film?  The Incredibles.
  • Listening to: Tron Legacy OST-Daft Punk
  • Reading: MGS2 Graphic Noel
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  • Playing: nothing.
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  • Drinking: water.


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